July 19th Health Update

Joe has made the transition off the IV meds and fluids to oral meds and is attempting to eat solids. We were told this morning that he may be released today to go home and rest up for the surgery, but he is feeling very sick and had nausea and vomiting after breakfast so it doesn’t look as if he is going anywhere. He has lost his “bounce” today, which is very concerning to me. There are bright moments along the way, such as me giving him a haircut in the bathroom yesterday, much to the surprise of his roommate’s family and the nurses. (I guess my motto should be, “have clippers, will travel.”) It made him feel better so that was the important thing. His doctor told him yesterday that she always starts her rounds with him so that she starts the day off well and that he is a joy to be around. After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, that is truly a testament to God’s grace and Joe’s great attitude.



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