Health Update – April 21

Joe saw his primary care doctor on Friday, who gave him a very good report. No, make that an amazing report. His MRSA is gone, accordingly to his latest culture.  His bloodwork is completely normal for the first time in 10 months.  The granuloma is gone and the fistula seems to be closed  There is no hydronephrosis (fluid buildup due to blockage) in the kidneys. There are no complications related to the original Whipple surgery. Joe also saw his GI doctor.  He said that he doesn’t need to go back to see him for six months!  That is nothing short of a miracle. Other than the pain in his knees and his shoulder, he is doing so much better and has been given the green light to begin working out in the gym and swimming in the pool.  Please pray he doesn’t try to get it all back in one day 🙂  We are so grateful to God for what He is doing in Joe’s body and know that the prayer support from all of you has been a key component in his survival and healing.  Thank you.


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