6/20/13 update

Joe saw his surgeon/friend on Wednesday for his post op visit.  Dr. John Kelly was very happy with the progress and range of motion that Joe already has, even though it has only been 2 weeks since the surgery.  His stitches were removed, and he can begin physical therapy.  We are so grateful for the improvement in the pain.  Dr. Kelly had a group of medical students with him; he gave Joe an opportunity to talk briefly about his testimony and asked him to talk about the problem of pain pill abuse in this country.  It was an amazing time.

We have been intensely busy with ministry, counseling, and Joe’s grad school courses.  It is exciting to see the opportunities God has brought to us, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

We have been working on our website and are slowly learning more of the technology that is such an important communication tool these days.  We have changed our website name to XL Ministry Project in order to distinguish us from another ministry that had an almost identical web address.  Our new address is www.xlministryproject.com.  Stop by and see the changes! If the link doesn’t work tonight, it should be up tomorrow (thank you, John Woodward).

Please pray for the following:

– Continued healing for Joe.

– That he will be able to focus on school despite the busyness of our lives.

– We have several people who are coming for counseling/discipling.  Please pray for

  wisdom and spiritual insight as we work with them.

– We are trusting God for our finances. Please pray for wisdom and opportunities as we

   raise support.

You have been such faithful friends through all the events of this past year.  We pray for God’s richest blessings in your lives.

Tomorrow is Joe’s birthday.  There were many times this past year when we were not sure he would be here for this birthday. We are so thankful!


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