Joe had his cystoscopy procedure this morning.  Unfortunately, the doctor was not able to clear the blockage in his right ureter with the balloon dilation. Joe will need another procedure in 6 weeks.The doctor has to order a special instrument to try to cut out the obstruction from within the ureter, instead of having to make an incision and cut it out surgically.  The surgical option is the last choice, as it would be major surgery and no one wants to do anything to Joe if there is another choice. He does have a stent in the ureter for the next 3 weeks – stents in the past have meant major pain, so we are praying that this time will be different.

Joe’s nurse today was a believer and was such an encouragement to us.  She has a nephew who has a drug problem along with having Crohn’s disease.  We would appreciate prayer that this young man will contact Joe and want help.  He spent 2 days at the Colony of Mercy last fall but left after a Crohn’s flare-up.

We appreciate you so much.


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