Health update

Joe is still in Cooper Hospital undergoing tests.  We seem to be getting closer to knowing what is wrong with him and are so thankful for the doctors here who are aggressively looking for answers.  In my last email I talked about the compression of the superior mesenteric vein.  Now it appears that the compression of the SMV is minor but there is compression on an even more important vein called the portal vein, which takes the blood from the intestines and spleen and brings it to the liver, thus supplying the liver with nutrients and oxygen.  The theory at this point is that Joe may have an autoimmune disease that is causing him to overproduce scar tissue.  This also relates to the blockage of the ureter.  We are not sure how this will be treated or what further testing will be needed to confirm this.  He is having a GI motility study right now and we are still waiting for the contrast to clear his body so that he can have the upper GI/ small bowel follow-through study.  The doctors want him to try to eat solid food after all that is done to see if he can tolerate it.  He will most likely have to moderate his diet considerably, if in fact he can eat solids.  He may be able to go home at that point, possibly soon.

We are  blessed to have a great team of doctors, nurses, and techs taking care of Joe.  We are so very blessed to have you all as our faithful prayer team and know that the outcome of all of this is in God’s hands, which is the safest place to be, no matter what.


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