Ministry Update – September, 2016


“surfing the wave of grace”

XL Project/ Love Them to Life
August- September Newsletter

Summer Trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

We were blessed to be able to be able to travel to Tennessee this July to spend time at our parent ministry Grace Fellowship International and with our mentor Dr. John Woodward. John has been urging us to get some recording of Joe’s testimony and a promotional video of Love Them To Life done for quite a while, so he arranged for this to be completed while we were in TN. We are so grateful for John’s constant support and wise leadership and are also grateful that, despite health issues, we were able to get this project finished. Thank you also to Bob Denney and his ability to walk us through the recording process with relative ease.

The following to Joe’s new video testimony:

We are very grateful to John Woodward for his godly wisdom and persistence in urging us to get the recording completed. Thank you Bob Denney for your recording skill and encouragement all through the process.



Love Them To Life

One of the privileges that I (Cherri) have in this ministry is to talk individually to women who are desperate to get help for themselves and their addicted children (some of whom are in their 40’s or 50’s). Besides facilitating two of the LTTL groups, I receive many phone calls and emails from mothers who have no idea of where to turn for help.

The following is an excerpt from an email I received recently (used with permission):


” My son is a heroin addict. He has 2 small children. I have been enabling him for many years. I know that I should not do it but when I hear his voice in desperation not knowing where he’s going to sleep or what he’s going to feed his children, I cave. I have gone through thousands of dollars hoping that this would end, but it never does. I feel hopeless and helpless. I hate it, I yell at him, but I still do it. I have even contemplated suicide to stop this anguish. Everyone tells me that I should just stop, but it is easier for them to tell me that and walk away. I am crushed in my spirit and can’t even seem to get back to God, whom I’ve known since 1978. I hear nothing. I can’t even find peace to rest in him. Maybe this is where he lead me today [to LTTL]”

At Love Them to Life, we are able to share our personal stories of pain but also the truths of our identity in Christ. It is amazing to see moms come to the group crushed and defeated and to see the changes that take place as they learn about topics such as enabling and codependency. More importantly, they begin to understand that they have to get healthy, body, soul, and spirit, and that Jesus Christ is the only answer to their needs.

The heroin epidemic threatens to wipe out this generation of our children. As we say often in our groups, we don’t want to be the ones nailing the lid on their coffins by enabling destructive behavior. Your prayers and financial support are what keep us going in this very necessary ministry. Please spread the word that there is hope to any mothers you know who are struggling with this issue. One great way to help us is to “like” us on our Facebook page and share us with your friends. Thank you.

We could not continue in this ministry without your prayer and financial support.
If God lays it on your heart to give a tax deductible donation, this can be accomplished in the following ways:

– Checks may be sent to XL Project,
31A Yorktowne Pkwy, Whiting, NJ 08759

– electronic giving at the the “Donate” page here.


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