Feelings Are Not Facts

Dear Jesus,

Lately it has occurred to me that not all of my sins were forgiven at Calvary.  I feel as if You may have left a couple of mine out when You were on the cross.  I’m thinking about many but here’s one: I don’t feel as if I have been totally forgiven for abandoning my children all those years when I was drinking and drugging.  I neglected my responsibilities as their father and now my middle one is having his own battle with drugs and alcohol and thoughts of suicide.  I feel as if I need to do something, to work harder, to prove that I really am sorry for what I did.  There has to be a way for me to feel as if I didn’t fail.

So, can You do me a favor and come back and repeat that day?  I know it was the worst day of Your life on earth but can You leave Heaven again and make sure that my sin was forgiven?  I just don’t feel as if it was.  Can You go to the Cross one more time?  Thanks.

Your child,

Dear Joe,

No, I won’t be doing that day again, not because I don’t love you or that I don’t care that you are suffering this emotional anguish but because My crucifixion really did conquer ALL sin and death forever, past, present, and future.  My sitting on the throne at the right hand of My Father is proof that when I said, “It is finished,” it is.

It is true that there is nothing you can do.  I did it all, I paid the price, My death reconciled you to My Father.  When you asked Me into your life to become your Lord and Savior, all that you have done, are doing, and will do has been atoned for.  You received a new past, a beautiful present, and a glorious future.  Though you may not feel it, remember that feelings are not facts.  It was only through the love of My Father that you are truly forgiven.  One and done.  You need to accept your acceptance, and your acceptance is based on what I did at the Cross.  You could never do anything that would duplicate what happened that day.  So you may regret the path you took to get to Me, and I know that if you could change what you did, especially abandoning your children, you would.  My death, burial, and resurrection have taken care of ALL your sins.

Check out John 3:3, John 3:16-17, John 5:24, and II Cor. 5:17.  These verses will help you in the areas of your salvation, assurance, and security.  II Cor. 5:21 will help you to know that through My death, burial, and resurrection, you are accepted 100%.

I love you,

Many of us who come from a background of drugs and alcohol abuse, poor choices, and selfish decisions don’t feel forgiven.  God is not interested in how we feel but rather that we accept and trust what Jesus did for us that day at Calvary.  He paid the price in full because we never could.  Our Father loved us so much that He gave us Jesus, who did the will of the Father.  As the result of His obedience and His actions, we are set free from sin and death in spite of how we feel.

Trust, obey, and have faith that the past is what you did and not who you are.  Because of, and only because of the Cross, we are forgiven.

Father, thank you for the opportunity, through the crucifixion of Your Son, my Savior Jesus, to become a member of Your family, and that it is not from human acceptance or people pleasing that I am free from the penalty of sin and death.  Thank you, Jesus, for paying my sin debt in full that day on the Cross at Calvary.  I love You and my life is Yours.